Maintenance Services

Flowco has more than 100 professional technicians across the nationwide to serve our customer’s oil station. The scope of work is covered both repairing and maintenance of fuel dispensers, automation system, stamping and preventive maintenance (PM).
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Fuel dispensers revamping

Flowco has professional staffs that can revamp your fuel dispensers into a new one whether it is damaged dispenser or worn out dispenser. Moreover, we can upgrade your fuel dispensers to make it compatible with E85. Furthermore, we also have second-hand fuel dispensers in good condition for sale.
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Electronic and automation systems upgrading

In oil station business, it is a must to prepare and test all of equipment and systems before open the oil station to prevent any accident. To help you overcome unwilling situation, Flowco has board repair and quality-checking service for all of oil station equipment and system to make sure that all of our customers will be received good quality products. 
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Underground equipment testing

When underground oil tank test is important?
  • When you have newly installed oil pipe
  • Every 10 years for oil dispenser pipe and oil receiver pipe 
  • Every 2 years for VR1-B pipe system
  • When in doubt that oil are missing or leaking.
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APC is a calibration system process that is done by using a quickly and accurately system to create a new value reading table. It can be implemented to both the old and the new fuel tank. Anyway, you only need to have an oil stock level as high as your highest tank capacity.
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CLC system is a 3-step process maintenance system for an underground oil tank that Flowco is proud to present.
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Other services

Flowco is the largest oil station service provider in Thailand. We have many professional technicians across the nationwide to provide not just the maintenance services.
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